Experts in surface technology treatment

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, a subsidiary of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, boasts a global network with over 70 worldwide locations, providing material surface treatments, protective coatings, high tech processes and much more for the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, subsea, medical, and power generation sectors. They increase the performance life of metal components by protecting them against premature failure using their high performance metal surface technology.

Offering customers a single point of contact and source solution for controlled metal surface treatments, Curtiss-Wright are specialists in metal surface treatment, and strive to improve and reduce turnaround times and costs for their clients. Indeed, their history dates back to 1929, when the Wright Brothers and Glen Curtiss founded the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. The Metal Improvement Company was established in 1946, which was then acquired by Curtiss-Wright in 1968. With nearly 90 years of history to draw upon, Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies are unequivocal experts in their field.

Some of the practical applications and benefits of their services include controlled shot peening, which is excellent for reducing fatigue and stress corrosion cracking, shot peen forming for creating curvature in aircraft, laser peening, CASE Isotropic finishing, parylene conformal coatings and much more.

Among their lauded engineering coating services, Curtiss Wright also offer thermal spray coating. Their thermal spray and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel spray coatings can be seen in use throughout aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and much more. Essentially, thermal coatings offer a cost-effective and high performance alternative to hard chrome plating, providing a finish that protects metals from heat, wear, oxidation and corrosion. HVOF thermal spray coating has numerous advantages, including being able to be used with metals, alloys, ceramics and carbides. Not only that, but it also provides outstanding bond strength to withstand against extreme mechanical loads.

What’s more, their solid Film Lubricant and Liquid Component Coatings provide long lasting lubrication, and protection against friction and galling within harsh operating environments.

If you would like to find out more about Curtiss Wright and their many specialisms, you can get in contact with the team using the details provided below. For more information and case studies on their services, be sure to head over to the website below.

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