Prolonging shelf life and revolutionising the food industry

In this issue of Tradex News we have chosen to recognise White Air Solutions for their new breakthrough technology, giving them the profile of Air Purification Technology Company of the Month.

Revolutionary new company White Air Solutions has developed an advanced solution for the food industry. Through their innovative technology, White Air Solutions developed an air purification machine which has the capabilities of prolonging the shelf life of fresh produce, fruit and flowers.

Established in 2015 by Managing Director, Gary White, White Air Solutions developed their new Photo Catalytic Oxidisation (PCO) machine which removes Ethylene and other VOC gases from the atmosphere as well as viruses, pathogens and fungal spores creating a clean environment. Versatile and diverse, the technology is adaptable for a variety of different environments. White Air Solutions boasts an unparalleled service able to increase fresh produce storage life and therefore reducing waste and increasing food safety.

Speaking to Sales Director, Karl Shackleton, about how the company has been received since its inception, he stated that they have been received, “very well, we have this new technology and the industry is beginning to notice the impact that our technology can have on the food chain industries. Our technology extends the shelf life of fresh produce, fruit and flowers than in normal storage capabilities.”

Able to be implemented within fresh produce stores that maintain products such as flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit, the PCO controls all aspects of the ageing, decay and quality process. Adaptable for a variety of sectors, the PCO machine is not only useful within fresh produce storage but also within livestock housing. Helping to control fungus, mould and bacteria development, the use of PCO machines within livestock storage displays a wealth of advantages. Reducing odour and ammonia gas, the PCO machine is a great tool for pig and cow farmers.

Within the poultry sector and game bird rearing, the PCO machine protects against viral and bacterial pathogens which are renowned for rapidly spreading within closely housed birds.

Another beneficial factor of their technology, the PCO machines are better for the environment, reducing the carbon footprint and reducing harmful pathogens being released into the environment.

This ground-breaking technology is hoping to be influential within the food industry. Notably, even Nottingham and Lincoln University have conducted investigations into the use of the technology and fresh produce. Lincoln University have conducted research into storage environments which used the PCO machine and have proved the air cleaning properties. A feat within their investigation also found that an ordinary tomato (with the usual shelf life of seven to ten days when stored in normal conditions), shelf life was prolonged by a period of eight weeks.

In terms of future plans, Karl told us that, “we plan to expand our market industry, by reaching platforms such as supermarkets. We plan to develop a smaller PCO machine able to fit within supermarket fridges and eventually into home fridges too, which would create a plethora of advantages for the supermarket and food industries.”

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