Wilkinson Star announces new partnership with Tecna SPA, Bologna Italy

TECNA is a high quality Resistance Welding product which Wilkinson Star has distributed for over 30 years. From 1 August 2018, we are pleased to announce Wilkinson Star as the UK’s sole exclusive importer of TECNA Resistance Welding Equipment.

TECNA SpA (Bologna, Italy) is a market leader in pioneering solutions for resistance welding design and technology. It was founded in 1972 by the late Ezio Amadori, who led the business with great passion for innovation in technology and design. The company, still a family business to this day, is constantly moving forward with its welding knowledge and industry experience, and is pleased with the renewed partnership with Wilkinson Star. In the words of Mr Damiano Bergami, the present owner, “The company motto, – Never stop, that’s the secret – has been given a renewed vigour in order to assure TECNA’s success today and in the future.”

Wilkinson Star, Manchester, is one of the largest UK independent Importers and Distributors of Industrial Equipment. Founder and Chairman, Dr John A Wilkinson, OBE, commented, “My Company is looking forward to a renewed exclusive agreement with TECNA SpA. We have enjoyed the last 33 years but now we will go in many new directions and fields to become number 1 in the provider of Resistance Welding Product in the UK.”