Bagging machine boosts e-tailer flexibility

Automated Packaging Systems has launched the Autobag 600 and Autobag 650, which have been designed to offer large bag packaging, providing mail order customers with a packaging solution, regardless of product size.

The Autobag 600 offers speeds of up to 65 bags per minute and can efficiently pack and seal polythene bags up to 400mm wide by 680mm long. Pack sizes can also be changed in less than two minutes using Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll.

Specifically aimed at the mail order market, the Autobag 650 features a fully integrated next-bag-out printer, which is particularly useful when printing labels with frequently changing data such as carrier labels. This eliminates the need for a separate labelling operation, simultaneously preventing product queues, reducing waste and also making the bag 100% recyclable.

The new range is a familiar option for current Automated Packaging Systems customers as it has drawn on the successes of the Autobag 500 and 550, utilising similar technology. They have an inherently safe design, with both systems featuring fewer moving parts, maximising machine uptime while lowering the total cost of ownership. The bagging material required is also the same, meaning there will be no potential issues with stock.

Duncan Hall, UK Sales & Marketing Manager at Automated Packaging Systems, says, “The market is constantly evolving and it’s important that we are listening to customer demand and can provide high quality, efficient semi-automated packaging solutions.”

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