Grange Shipping 40th Anniversary

Logistics is a fast-paced business, constantly undergoing change and innovation and freight forwarders play a huge role in the supply chain. They provide an essential bridge between importers & exporters and the array of transport modes available.

Grange Shipping are an independent freight forwarder established in 1979. They provide all the services one would expect of a 3PL. Road, sea and air freight as well as a range of supporting services including ERTS, warehousing, port agency, chartering and customs clearance.

This year marks the company’s 40th anniversary and is arguably one of the most interesting times in the history of the business. The run up to Brexit and the ensuing uncertainty surrounding the import and export of goods to and from the EU after leaving has made keeping up to speed with developments and offering the very best advice to clients the top priority.

The team at Grange all have years of experience in the freight industry and their proximity to Felixstowe Port (with whom they have close links) makes them best placed to offer fantastic rates for freight, wherever it’s going around the globe.

Grange pride themselves in excellent customer service. It’s one of the key factors not only for their many years in the industry but also in the longevity of their client relationships. Expertise and great advice mean clients always receive the best option for whatever freight they’re moving, be it a single pallet to Europe or a full container from China.

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