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Tradex News is proud to announce that MAIA Rehabilitation has been selected as our Rehabilitation Company of the Month, for its dedication to offering expert and supportive therapies for those who have suffered traumatic injuries.

MAIA Rehabilitation was established in 2008 by Jill Fraser, who has 20 years of clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist and over 10 years of experience in coordinating care packages. Working on a national basis, MAIA Rehabilitation has associates in Leicester, London and the South East with its base in Bedford. For over 10 years, the company has been providing and managing therapies for clients who have received catastrophic injuries, such as amputations, brain and spinal injuries. Using its wealth of expertise, the company puts its teams of therapists and clinicians in place to rehabilitate clients.

Since its establishment, MAIA Rehabilitation’s services have developed with the company’s ever-expanding knowledge. Through its provision of occupational therapy intervention, rehabilitation and expert care reports across the country, MAIA Rehabilitation developed valuable knowledge of care and therapy practices and providers. This skillset enabled the company to put together the best care packages available, using local clinicians and care teams. Now, the company has been successfully creating and managing care packages for 10 years, and has secured a strong team of case managers, therapists and rehabilitation specialists.

The company’s expert team of case managers is highly experienced and versatile, using a professional yet friendly approach to offer innovative ideas for problem solving, recovery and progression. What’s more, the company has established firm relationships with speech and language therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and physiotherapists across the whole of the UK. With skills underpinned by years of experience, MAIA Rehabilitation’s team of case managers works closely with instructing parties, using the company’s own trusted therapists wherever possible, if they are right for the client.

Indeed, MAIA Rehabilitation’s team of skilled clinicians can be found on a national basis, including clinical occupational therapists, physiotherapists, vocational occupational therapists, & neurological occupational therapists. This team is needed to offer evidence based therapeutic treatment in order to maximise participation. This treatment focuses on physical and psychological issues which have occurred as a result of an injury or illness, and it can be carried out in the client’s home, workplace, school or local environment.

The company has also created a database of reliable and respected psychologists, who offer treatment and assessments of clients. Furthermore, MAIA Rehabilitation has a core selection of reliable support staff, which the company draws upon to support its excellent care packages. Although the company does not currently employ care staff for each of its care packages, it uses these familiar staff members to step in when there is an emergency, to make sure a client receives seamless support.

MAIA Rehabilitation’s expert team also includes Serious Injury Rehabilitation Specialists (SIRS), support workers who are specially trained in brain and spinal injury care and rehabilitation. Specialising in this area, MAIA Rehabilitation has recently developed a specific training program for SIRS.

These SIRS are trained by MAIA Rehabilitation’s neuropsychologist, Neuro OT and Neuro physiotherapists, enabling them to offer confident support and assistance to clients who have suffered catastrophic spinal and brain injuries, helping them to attain the personal goals agreed with their case management team. The SIRS are dedicated to helping clients rebuild their lives and are an invaluable addition to a client’s care team. The specialists will follow the instructions of the client’s therapists, helping to alleviate some of the challenges which come with providing appropriate, supportive and inspiring rehabilitation.

As well as its SIRS training program, the company has also developed a training course for all support workers, developing their skills to enter the care industry with an excellent standard of knowledge of the sector, over a two day course. This training includes first aid, manual handling, conflict resolution, breakaway and dealing with acquired brain injury.

“We are a young and dynamic team who care,” explained Martin Fraser, Operations Director. Martin boasts 25 years of experience as a frontline officer in the police force, during which time he developed his skills in adult training, team management, organisation and communication. He now uses these skills at MAIA Rehabilitation for managing the development, training and recruitment of staff.

“Our core ethic is to make our clients the best they can be,” Martin added. Indeed, the company’s name comes from the Roman Goddess of growth, Maia, a reflection of the company’s commitment to identifying and maximising potential and growth, to help individuals develop their confidence in their abilities to rebuild their lives.

Having recently developed its two courses for SIRS and support workers, MAIA Rehabilitation is hoping to build upon its 10 years of successes to become the premier provider of specialist rehabilitation staff. If you would like to find out more information on MAIA Rehabilitation’s full range of services, head to the website. Alternatively, get in touch using the contact details below.

T 01234 262863