Hive & Keeper, the British honey brand that is so much more than that!

Emily Abbott, Hive & Keeper’s founder, is a beekeeper at heart so only buys honey from beekeepers she’s visited, and knows are good custodians of Britain’s bees, putting their welfare ahead of honey production and corner cutting.

Currently, only 7% of the honey sold in the UK is from British bees with a staggering 40% coming from China, with blended honeys made to taste and look the same.

Hive & Keeper introduces people to the incredible variety of unblended British honeys and the stories of the people and bees behind them. Each honey is straight from the hive, simply spun out of the frame, its flavour reflecting the place and bees it’s from. Provenance, design, and discovery are at the heart of Hive & Keeper.

Beautifully designed and curated, Hive & Keeper honeys are a perfect addition to any household. Each jar is labelled with the name of the hive, keeper and its main natural flavour note. The fun of discovery is delivered through gift sets and subscriptions and Emily’s favourite honey and bee related facts!

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